• Generic Modality Compression Etudes on Jazz Standards

    This etude collection uses a comping technique invented by Mick Goodrick, described in Creative Chordal Harmony for Guitar (Berklee Press), applied on jazz standard chord progressions.
    It is a particular way of generating voicings that creates suggestive modal sounds.
    These etudes are great exercises for sightreading and advanced solfege as well.

    The collection includes harmonic and melodic etudes, with close or open voicings (total: 40 etudes for each song).

    Parts in treble and bass clef, melodic etudes transposed in Bb and Eb (total: 120 parts in pdf).

    Software used:
    Music engraving by Lylipond
    Drums programming with: Hydrogen Drum Machine using the Jazz Funk Kit
    Midi to audio with Fluidsynth
    Audio mixed with Sox
    Video with Ffmpeg

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Available Etudes (€9.99 each song [40 etudes], order via mail)

Autumn Leaves
Giant Steps
What Is This Thing Called Love