• In A Sentimental Moog Cover

    out on February 15th, 2024

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  • UNOZEROUNO "In A Sentimental Moog" ( Angapp Music 2024)

    Andrea Biondi - vibraphone & synth
    Stefano Carbonelli - 8-String Guitar, Midi Guitar & Programming
    Valerio Vantaggio - drums

    Track List:
    1 In A Sentimental Moog (L'Inno di Molly) - Vantaggio, Carbonelli, Biondi
    2 The Gum You Like - Biondi
    3 Moment's Notice - Coltrane
    4 Countdown To Countdown - Carbonelli
    5 ON again OFF again (ON again) / Contacting Ernio - Bergonzi / ERNIO
    6 Wolfgang's Algo-rhythm - ERNIO
    7 And As Mozart Grew Older - Biondi, Vantaggio, Carbonelli

    Recorded Mixed and Mastered at Polo Sound Recording Studio, Rome, by Daniele Carbonelli
    Cover by Simone De Venuto
    Produced by Stefano Carbonelli and Andrea Biondi

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    UNOZEROUNO [one-zero-one], three digits with a hidden meaning for three eclectic characters, composers and improvisers with a deep background ranging from jazz, classical music to fusion and with a look towards the future... or simply to the present: attracted by the boundless potential of electronic instruments and scientific programming algorithms and the philosophical consequences of neuroscience. To watch such a topical show is priceless, you will observe three doors wide open to discovery, which interact with an alternative way of composing, or rather to steal from Ernio, the great inspirer of...

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