The word "transcription" means here the process (or the result) of listening to a piece of music and writing down the score by ear.

    Here are some accurate scores for various instruments: guitar (+ TAB), piano, winds and jazz orchestra.

    This collection includes works by great artists such as Pat Metheny, Chris Potter, Bob Mintzer, Scott Henderson, Dave Holland, Guthrie Govan and it is increased every now and then in the free time.

    Some of the transcriptions are coloured to highlight chord substitutions or superimpositions making easier to see in real time what the soloist is playing from the harmonic point of view.

    Software used:

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Available scores (ask pdf via mail):

Guthrie Govan, Rhode Island Shred (Guitar score + TAB)
Pat Metheny, Round Midnight (Baritone Guitar or Piano, score + TAB)
Scott Henderson, Chelsea Bridge (Guitar score + TAB)
Ben Monder, Never Let Me Go (Guitar score + TAB)
Guthrie Govan, Get It Like That (Guitar score + TAB)
Allan Holdsworth, Against The Clock (Guitar score + TAB)

Dave Holland, Last Minute Man (Big Band full score)
Oliver Nelson, Stolen Moments (Full arrangement score)
Oliver Nelson, Hoe Down (Full arrangement score)
Oliver Nelson, Cascades (Full arrangement score)
Oliver Nelson, Yearnin' (Full arrangement score)
Oliver Nelson, Butch & Butch (Full arrangement score)

Marc Copland, Fall (Piano)

Bob Mintzer, Giant Steps Solo (Saxophone)
Chris Potter, Anthropology Solo (Saxophone)
Paul Hanson, Hocket Delay Solo (Bassoon)
Joe Farrell, Humpty Dumpty [by C. Corea] Solo (Saxophone)
Ben Wendel, Easy To Say [by O. Ruiz] Solo (Saxophone)
Steve Lehman, Moment's Notice (Saxophone)

Matt Brewer, Moment's Notice [w/ S. Lehman] (Double Bass)